a new section – vines to buy – in puligny…

Thought this might cheer you up:

€255,000 for approximately 380 bottles per year worth of villages Puligny. If you can get €700 per bottle, you’ll pay for it in only 1 year!

Oh, but don’t forget, you will also need somewhere to make wine…

7 responses to “a new section – vines to buy – in puligny…”

  1. Ray Walker

    Bill, this should be a really interesting section. Are you seeing many plots for sale?

  2. Ray Walker

    I’ve heard…and seen the same as you mentioned. The best never make it to the public. It is still interesting. I visited their site and saw some Gevrey as well. Keep ’em coming Bill…as they trickle in.

  3. Josh

    Do you as a matter of normal course track whats happening with land prices? It seems from what little I know that commercially successful plots are highly fractured (many owners) and don’t come available all that often.

    We are coming up on a once in a 3 generation opportunity for those with cash to buy assets on the cheap, burgundy shouldn’t be an exception.

  4. Ray Walker

    Josh, great point. I know I have been looking and it is quite surprising to see what is available. Not too long ago, nothing was on the open market for ‘outsiders’ to see.

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    […] sure it’s cheaper than the previous Puligny, but is it me – or does €75,000 sound rather a lot for 0.4 of an acre? […]

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