a new home in beaune

Hey guys! Well, the great news keep on rolling in. A few months back I was told about this facility in Beaune that was available for my project. At the time, I was just a bit more interested in sharing a facility. Well, as things have a way of doing, something better came along.

This facility is from the early 1910’s. While attached to a home, the building has a great amount of character and charm. There is a main winery, attic for storage (not sure I want things stored above my head in an old building) and a well sized cave below ground. I am moving forward with this facility. Harvest is closer, and it simply feels appropriate for my humble needs.

Here are a few pics. Remember, think potential…

5 responses to “a new home in beaune”

  1. David Bennett

    Hi Ray,

    Great news! Looks very promising indeed. Have you signed on the dotted yet? – and the cave and the cuverie look super already! (apart form the barrels…. :-)))
    Best of luck


    ps I’m sure Bill will be along soon! – and, if you are installed before late august then you just might find a wee visit coming your way from me!

  2. Ray Walker

    Thanks David,
    I really appreciate the comments. The cuverie is mine for the next 3 years, (minimum lease) its reserved to my name. It still needs some work. I want to make its a bit more tidy.

    I will be back in August to make sure things are running to plan. I am stateside now, doing admin tasks. If you are in town, it would be great to meet you. Next comes the foudre(s)…


  3. Philip

    Well, Ray, it looks an awful lot better than my place was when I took it over, so I guess the couple of months you’ve got will be enough to get it into shape. Hot work in July/August, though…

  4. Filippo

    Way to go Ray! Small chance I will be in Burgundy at the End of August…

    What’s your email address these days, I sent an email on 5 May ot ray@maison-ilan.com with no reply!

    Un abbraccio


  5. Ray Walker

    thanks! Yeah, there is still a bunch of work to be done. I can’t wait to see the brick work cleaned up. I don’t see a lot of equipment that will need to be there…just the basics. If it doesn’t need to be done by a machine, there won’t be one.

    Filippo, how have you been? Thanks for the response. Things are rolling along. I got your email, that is the correct address. If you are in town, stop on by.



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