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thinking time…

deliveryI might not feel like opening bottles right now, but there’s nothing like a new project to get your mind off things. This week the majority of my UK-stored stocks arrived at my house – 406 kgs apparently – all on one pallet.

Clearly a pallet is not something that goes up or down steps, so multiple cases were first piled by the front door before being moved into a differently shaped big pile in the cellar. The joy of discovery (the 1995 Brunello (Rennina) Pieve de la Santa Restituta that I bought after having the same wine in Montalcino in 2001) is mixed with the frustration of not easily finding stuff. I also see how my buying habits have changed in the last 5 years; 243 bottles, but more than 50% are grand crus from 1997-2004 – today (due to price increases) less than 10% of what I buy is grand cru.

Anyway the cellar looks tidy(ish!), but it will be a nightmare to get at things. I already have about 30 bottles standing to attention for a slow, hopefully pleasurable, appraisal over the next couple of months.

7 responses to “thinking time…”

  1. W A G Black

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for a wonderful website, I have been dipping in and out for the last 6 months and have enjoyed every visit. I am still trying to get a feel for your palate but have concluded you have a great patience for some wines and their producers and are often reluctant to dismiss a bottle out of hand, although your indictment of the 04′ lady bug vintage is revelatory. I must learn to be a bit less prejudiced in my own drinking.
    I see advertising has recently crept in, which in the current circumstances is not surprising, frankly I’m surprised you have been able to resist for as long as you have and only hope it alows you to continue producing what is a great wine web resource.

  2. Reto

    Hello Bill,

    wow, nice delivery, do you need help in “moving” the bottles?


  3. pablo

    hi Bill
    it looks like the financial crisis has not yet been arrived in Basel.
    Good sunday

  4. Champagne Charlie

    Oh look…I spy with my little eye, one Domaine Fourrier Box sitting there, and right on top….excellent priority Bill-happy sipping!

    Best Champagne :^)

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