spring report and a holiday to recover!

It’s holiday time – but in part-payment for my absence, I leave you with the Spring Report. Over 280 tasting notes dotted around 15 pages. Feel free to comment and argue, but my moderatory tones will only return in a week…

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  1. Filippo

    Had the privilege of looking out of the window and see that panorama you are posting for 28 years in a row and this winter will no exception.

    Few tips:
    – head for Schwarzsee and Grunsee
    – Ski at Rote Nase and the Back of Rothorn (get a swatch Snowpass)
    – on the runs eat at Gandegg Hutte, awfully painful to get there but the best Kaseschnitte in town (no credit cards)
    – apres ski at Papperla
    – food the Coop not at the Migros
    – Kase at Josi behind the Zermatt Ski School Building
    – Trockenfleisch at Bayard Metzgerei
    – restaurants: (1) Schaeferstube am Romantik Julen Hotel. Ask for Raclette a Discretion and the lamb. Do not forget the 2005 Humagne Blanc from Serge Roh (Les Ruinettes) (2) Wymperstube get the fondue and the old part of restaurant.
    – Night: Pink Elephant and Hotel Post but do not get out that much…
    – wine shop ? Not sure…

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