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wine index ‘edges down’


Who says wine is a safe haven in a downturn? – I suppose 15% is roughly the same drop as average house prices in the UK over the same period.
Source: Liv-ex

A related (I suppose) story which I failed to pick up before Christmas is the closure of Christie’s South Kensington wine sales department – after 30 years no less – clearly no razzamataz with that announcement, indeed, I expect Christies were rather hoping that no-one would notice.

Also related (I suppose) is the news that ‘Majestic’ have not sold as much champagne as usual…

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  1. Champagne Charlie

    I believe wine is still the “Safe Haven”-sure wine has come off the top, but oh boy what a top that was! I recently signed up to Liv-Ex and fed in my so called wine portfolio. Here you can see the performance of your wines values against other indices. Ok-on a 12 month view I`m only 2% in value ahead. But-The FTSE is down 31%-S&P 500 39% and the Nikki down 44%…and I could go on!
    As for Bank shares….no safe haven there….
    Finally-of my 5 best performing wines-12 month view-four are Burgundy.
    Roll on those Red Burgundy 2005`s and please note, I intend drinking them not selling!–Thanks

  2. Champagne Charlie

    Bill I`ll give you “Safe Haven”- I`d rather be holding Freddy Mugnier wines than say equities, any day of the week–at least they hold value! Used to meet Freddy at the barrel London tastings at HHC at the end of the 80`s. I still have a few 1986 Amoureuses-Cant really recall, probably £210 a case in those days compared to the 2005 I was offered for £4,000. Yet a year later I note the 2005 has streaked to an amazing £8k plus!

    Credit crunch or not-when a wines hot…..its hot :^)

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