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(Domaine) David Clark has gone the whole hog (or should that be mare?) and started ploughing his recently acquired plot of Vosne-Romanée with horse power (no F1 jokes please). I expect he will be burying cow horns full of …. (whatever) next!

“In many ways it is the logical next step in respecting the health of my soils: in 2008 ploughing was the only vineyard task I did by tractor, everything else (including hedging and spraying) was done by hand. By avoiding compaction the soil develops a structure and life that is truly beautiful to observe.”

You can read all about it in Anglaise here, and to get a better feel, see the pictures in Français here – there are many more pictures in this website, e.g. ploughing between the vines for Domaine Arlaud and even Romanée-Conti…

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  1. Champagne Charlie

    Bill are you attending BBR`s tasting today?
    I trust David Clark will have turned up on his horse as well as serving samples from it…Hi-Ho-Silver!

  2. Ray Walker

    That is really cool to see that being done! I wonder how long it took to do the whole vineyard. Should we expect some notes of saddle in the 09 bottlings? great pics by the way.

  3. Champagne Charlie

    Caught up with David at the BBR tasting. He did comment that ploughing with the horse probably took ten times longer than with tractor—even he was slightly exasperated by this fact!
    Good solid set of wines on display-his Morey St Denis was Sold Out but then there`s only one barrel – which to you and me represents 25 cases.

  4. Ray Walker

    Wow, that is great news to be sold out that quickly. Now, 10 times longer? At that point I imagine it gets tiring simply watching the work get done.

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