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friday 3rd update

Carel Voorhuis of Domaine d’Ardhuy provides today’s scribbled summary while on the move:

Triage : potentially nothing, or at least not much. Quite amazing, it really came to a surprise, but I had a whole crew ready for the sorting table, but the worst we’ve had was Clos des Langres (organically grown, even if not certified), with maybe 10% in the vineyards plus another 2-3% on the table.
Potential alcohols were OK : I expected them to be lower, and even feared that we sometimes wouldn’t reach the legal minimum, but in fact, they were quite comfortable, starting with an 11.1 for the Bourgogne rouge, and reaching 13 (clos des Langres) to 13.5 (Charlemagne)
Colours of the first pinots we’ve picked seem a bit light, but the ones we picked later seem fine. But we’ll see.

Have to go back to work, cheers, Carel

Carel provides us also with some pictures of this year’s last grapes to be picked at Ardhuy, today in Corton-Charlemagne:

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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