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faiveley 2005 volnay 1er cru santenots

joseph faiveley 2005 volnay 1er cru santenots

The accumulated wealth of (conventional) wisdom says that this is a dumb thing to do, but given the two remarkably open Faiveley’s in this tasting, I thought I’d give this bottle a try. Note that this is a négoce wine, not domaine.
2005 Joseph Faiveley, Volnay 1er Santenots try to find this wine...
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. The nose is not exactly effusive, but it has quite some depth of dark dried fruits and a more herbal top note. Very good texture then quickly a grainy tannin builds and the acidity seems just an afterthought – yet perfectly draws you into the finish. The mid-palate flavour and finish are cracking – intense and very long – chocolate and a little strawberry shaded oak tannin is the diminuendo. Not as typically brutal as the Lafon version, nor indeed what you might expect from Faiveley, but a super wine.
Rebuy – Yes

5 responses to “faiveley 2005 volnay 1er cru santenots”

  1. Tom Blach

    Is this not from Matrot, whose vines I think Faiveley have now taken over?
    I had a young Faiveley last night, 02 Nuits Chaignots. For some reason this bottling is consistently approachable young, unlike pretty much all their other wines.

  2. bmcq

    I guess I should reconsider. I’ve been sitting on some 2002 Faiveley Ch-M Fuees in hopes that some aging will soften my presumptly (whee! I can make up new words) perceived Faiveley grit to allow a smidge of the terroir to sneak through.

    As for the same vintner’s vintage (vintnage? more word birthings) Cazetiers, I have a much harder (pun intended) time making a similar leap.

  3. bmcq

    Yes, well, damn. Here I’m looking for one small indulgence and you go all reformationist!


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