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louis latour 2005 gevrey chambertin

louis latour 2005 gevrey-chambertin

I don’t often buy wines from Maison Latour, and whilst I’ve had so-so bottles from them, it has more been due to lack of local availability than quality reasons. Now I’ve found a relatively close merchant, so two or three bottles might appear over the next days. 2005 Louis Latour, Gevrey-Chambertin Medium-plus colour. The first […]

lignier-michelot chambolle musigny gammaires

lignier-michelot 2004 chambolle les gammaires

2004 Lignier-Michelot, Chambolle-Musigny Les Gammaires Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. The nose is understated but shows good depth and there’s no ‘2004 character’. In the mouth it’s serious, with good mid-palate dimension and a good persistence of ripe flavour. Very nice – I bought some more. Rebuy – Yes

françois et denis clair, 2006 santenay

2006 F et D Clair, Santenay Medium cherry-red colour. A very nice width of high-toned fruit on the nose, slowly it takes on a clear red berry complexion. Good depth and a furry texture on the palate. The acidity is nicely balanced and the medium-weight flavours last very well. A six-pack offered for 93 Swiss […]

domaine philippe charlopin 2006 gevrey chambertin

philippe charlopin 2006 gevrey chambertin

I rarely see a Philippe Charlopin, so it was a surprise (for me) to see this on the shelf of a French supermarket. Very tasty wine. 2006 Philippe Charlopin, Gevrey-Chambertin Medium-plus colour. Slightly murky nose with a little vanilla and a faint mushroom – slowly fills out with deep and impressive primary red/black fruit to […]

rigi – canton zug

rigi – canton zug

Two weekends ago we visited friends who live in Zug. Just 20 minutes drive away is the (bottom of the) hill of Rigi which reaches almost 1,800 metres. It was a picture-postcard kind of weather, so I include for you my postcards… 😉

domaine robert arnoux 2006 nuits

domaine robert arnoux 2006 nuits st.georges

Hmm, that’s a very similar label! What I find more interesting is, that given the development of prices in the last two vintages, this 06 villages costs the same as the 04 ‘Lachaux’ Clos St.Denis of yesterday. There can be only one winner at the same price-point and despite the high quality of this wine, […]

pascal lachaux clos saint denis 2004

pascal lachaux clos saint denis 2004

This wine does have the 2004 character, but it’s on a low, complex and interesting level. If Pascal made one of these in 2005 I’d certainly be looking for it – the raw material is super. On a negative note I’m never happy when a ‘négoce’ operation virtually uses the same labels as the domaine […]

olivier guyot marsannay la montagne 2005

olivier guyot marsannay la montagne 2005

2005 Olivier Guyot, Marsannay La Montagne Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. Modest higher tones over a tight core of dark fruit, swirling releases a little more spicy, leathery notes. Rather linear but very good fine tannin and slightly forward acidity. The flavour is mainly confined to the mid-palate and finish, but it’s quite intense if slightly […]

1919 clos blanc de vouget 1957 bonnes mares 1959 echezeaux

189 years of age in 3 luncheon bottles

From left to right: 1919 Clos Blanc de Vougeot, 1957 Bonnes-Mares, 1959 Echézeaux    Sometimes opportunities to taste nice wines (maybe I should say exceptional wines) pop-up without expectation. This week I was to taste a fine producer’s 2006 range of Chablis, however, as an aperitif I had the opportunity to drink wine from three other […]

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