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pierre bourée 2005 gevrey-chambertin 1er clos st.jacques

2005 Pierre Bourée, Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Clos St.Jacques try to find this wine...
Deeply coloured – purple at the rim. The nose starts with plenty of oak that has a hint of toast but no more – it’s very wide and covers dark-skinned fruit. It slowly evolves, but never shows the complexity and stems of the 2004. Mouth-filling, again there’s oak flavour and some well grained tannin too. The acidity starts a tiny bit forward, though only exacerbates the superb length – those flavours are a lot to do with oak and are eventually just a little bitter, but this is very impressive. Quite some concentration in the mid-palate and certainly it’s a little rustic, but it’s clearly full of wine – better than some GC’s! This will need several years for the wood to move into the background, but it’s a real quality effort that shows personality. I initially bought three, but am now going back for a couple more – clearly built for the long-haul. As a post-script, day two shows little obvious oak, still no stems and a better balance. All good signs – okay, maybe I’d have liked a little stems…
Rebuy – Yes

I had a glass of a more than worthy 2005 Corton (note tomorrow) next to this. The Corton was long and more elegant though didn’t have the oomph or chutzpah of the Bourée!

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  1. luc

    There are 5 producers on CLos Saint Jacques (Esmonin, Rousseau,Fourrier, Jadot and Clair) You could sometimes find a CSJ from Dominique Laurent who gets his grapes from Esmonin. But i never saw a CSJ from Bourée.
    Do you know more where he gets the wines as he is definitively not a producer there.

  2. luc

    Hi Bill,
    Next time I’m in Gevrey I will do some investigations. CSJ is always a topic of interest for me. I think it is one of the best suited appelations to clearly see the differences in wines and the way the are made. In fact CSJ is quite homogene in terms of composition and inclination. Beside this every producers owns a strip going from top to bottom.

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