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louis chenu savigny 1er talmettes 2006

chenu savigny talmettes

2006 Louis Chenu, Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Talmettes try to find this wine...
Medium, medium-pale cherry-red colour. The aromatics are wide, perhaps a little high-toned and alcoholic but over a denser slightly savoury fruit core. A little dissolved gas on the palate, good red fruits and young tannin – accentuated by the gas. There’s a nice burst of interest on the mid-palate and there’s good, if slightly prickly, acidity (gas again). This needs a year in the cellar, and the performance will be far better than described above if you decant an hour before serving. Excellent value wine in an elegant package.
Rebuy – Yes

4 responses to “louis chenu savigny 1er talmettes 2006”

  1. Peter Brown

    Tom Innes (of Irma Fingal-Rock), during his visit to the Louis Chenu domaine in Feb/March 2008, collected a splendid Chambolle-Musigny 2006, sold by Juliette Chenu as negociant. Beautifully perfumed, gorgeous fruit with delicacy but depth. Strongly recommend it, but it wasnt cheap (£22 back in UK).

  2. Julian

    Thanks for another encouraging reminder to re-order from the Chenus. It’s the Savigny ‘Aux Clous’ that seems to be working for us in Ireland… slowly.

  3. Duncan

    The Savigny 1er is textbook, Juliet’s Chambolle 2006 is beatifull, wonderful in 2010, and Iabou to take another one. The bouquet of this Chambolle is hedonistic, a queen, and a bargain at £22 per bottle. There is real depth and meat to this village burgundy. BTW, Juliet and her sister took over the wine ,making after her father died, not as a negociant, but real and small time producers. .

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