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foillard 2006 morgon côte du py

jean foillard morgon cote du py beaujolais

Jean Foillard (Morgon, Beaujolais) – I had a bottle from this producer last week, in Brussels at a place called Rince Cochon. Most of the wines there were relatively inexpensive, but are ‘natural’ or to re-phrase, have very few manipulations and often have no sulfur used to preserve them – so do keep them cool! The bottles were all interesting, some with obvious faults such as volatilie acidity, but lots of fun. Just for the record, we drank the 2006 Foillard Morgon Côte du Py – I loved it – it looks rather nice too with those red-waxed closures. They had two magnums in the cellar, and despite the restaurant price of 40 Euros each – I bought both.
Lovely! try to find this wine...

PS – The 2005 version from Potel-Aviron was still drinking very, very well on Saturday. I really don’t know how I’m going to stop drinking these, that’s only 6 bottles left now… 🙁

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  1. gary

    Love this wine, unfortunately with the EUro/$ not a great value anymore here in the US. Bought a case of the 2005 for $18 last year and now it is upwards of $26. A real shame as it is terrific stuff

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