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bertagna chambolle-musigny le village 2005

domaine bertagne 2005 chambolle musigny le village

Everthing that last week’s Bertagna Bourgogne wasn’t – really super!
2005 Bertagna, Chambolle-Musigny Le Village try to find this wine...
Medium-plus cherry red. Impressive depth of dark, brulée-tinged fruit at the base, slowly becoming redder at the top. In the mouth you have silky texture, excellent acidity and a really super extra dimension of dark fruit in the mid palate. Faint oak texture and coffee on the very good length, but this texture will soon fade. Lots of oak for sure but there is enough power and intensity to absorb it.
Rebuy – Yes and I just did!

2 responses to “bertagna chambolle-musigny le village 2005”

  1. FiloBianco

    Can I ask you were ? I have been looking for this quite a while….



  2. bmcq

    Cliquez le petit icon vert au droit de “Le Village” above.

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