the future of fine wine(?) – assuming it’s not counterfeit!

Interested in the future of fine wine according to Berry Bros and Rudd?


Of-course, what’s in the bottle will come under ever-more scrutiny

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  1. jeff

    Typical, does Berry Brothers have investment in Chinese wine? Did you know that some of the worlds leading scientist said the following in 1968:

    1) The US would be less than 40 million people by 2000 due to plague and drought, loss food supply.
    2) The uK would be uninhabitable due to impending ice age and loss of food supply!!!

    The word actually has not changed a degree in temp since 1997,,,By the way some of these same scientist are forecasting global warming today, how they have changed their tune..

    The most substantial change in wine in 2058 is that wine will be more widely accepted and be the leading alcoholic beverage in nearly every country in the world.

  2. jeff

    I only suggest that people look back at previous predictions before going off the deep end. Scientist all always get it wrong with climate change and most believe we are entering an extended cooling period which may lead to an ice age…. Everything I stated above was predicted in 1968. Also, th eavg temp in the world has not changed since 1998 its a fact.

    I truly enjoy your commentary, thank you,


  3. Bruce McQuistan

    An interesting graph:


    There’s no argument that the worlds ice mass has shrunk since the dawn of the industrial age. Folks who argue against global warming point out that the interval over which this has occurred is of measure zero (see Measure Theory) when looking at the big picture.

    This is often followed by the assertion that “the average world temperature has not changed since 1998.”

    It’s clear that there is not only inconsistent assumptions, and incorrect statements but also a more zealous binding to a theory than the Global Warming Theorists.

    There’s a lot of data and it’s easy to bend the data to support any conclusion.

    But there are principles that can guide one conduct as well.

    As far as the vicious arguments regarding god, evolution, global warming and twinkie shelf life goes, I have a maxim: There are no facts, only theories. Facts require belief, which I lack. Theories require reason, which I enjoy.

    I’ll never forget when my dad told me about how wine is made and that the bacteria die in their own waste. The look he gave me when I said “I’m glad humans are smarter than that” will lie burned into my cerebellum while I breathe.

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