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back – with an experimental site…

Back from the Côtes. Weather was cooler with threatening cloud, but not too much rain. I tasted some very nice wines today in Aloxe and (dear god – not again!) decided to buy some…

Lunch was at the Table de Pierre Bourée, which I will write about most likely tomorrow – but for now, it was nice!

While I was away, I opened the book on a new experiment for the site, an interactive area where anyone can contribute. It’s a closed area which requires an invitation. Sunday-Tuesday I’ll add a link here if you want to join, then afterwards make a new code. So-far, in three days, 250 misguided souls have decided to sign-in – many are lurking at the moment, but let’s see how it develops – and of course, once you’re in you can invite whoever you want; there are several winemakers currently ‘lurking’…

2 responses to “back – with an experimental site…”

  1. Bruce McQuistan

    I had always reserved the discriptor ‘lurker’ for those in-duh-viduals who hasn’t signed up. I belive the proper terms for those with an account may be ‘miscreant’.

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