antonin guyon 2006 pernand vergelesses

antonin guyon pernand vergelesses

Many 2005’s are a shadow of where they were 6 months ago, so despite not all being in bottle yet, it’s lucky that some are now filtering through:
2006 Antonin Guyon, Pernand Vergelesses try to find this wine...
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is reasonably wide but with a good depth of powdery cherry fruit. In the mouth there’s a really super balance between the sweet, ripe fruit and the flowing acidity, so much so that tannin is an after-thought. The finish is narrow but sneakily long and shows a faint creaminess. A lovely wine and excellent value.
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. Paul van der Vaart

    Hi Bill,

    Alerted by your recommendations i just picked up some 2006 wines at the domaine (Beaune, C-M clos du village, G_C La Justice and Savigny). The Beaune is very similar to your description of the P-V, the C-M is already simply delicious, with excellent balance. Thanks!

    I noticed some significant increases in en primeur pricing
    (e.g. 2007 drouhin laroze Bonnes Mares 20% up compared to 2006, Potel Bonnes Mares even more)… Any idea whether this is driven by supply or demand?

  2. Paul van der Vaart

    I paid the 2006 en primeur price of €25 TTC ex domaine. I know now i bought too few, so i’ll take my chances with the 2007.
    BTW is there a story behind the different domaines on Guyon’s labels?

    As far as nice C-M is concerned, you might want to check out Domaine des Beaumonts. Easiest available at the caveau des vignerons in Morey-S-D (when in the neighbourhood ;-))….

  3. Paul van der Vaart

    Oh well, i shouldn’t have mentioned it 😉
    but then again, it’s an inconnu with coup de coeur in Guide Hachette and favorable reviews in Bourgogne Aujourdhui (FWIW ;-))

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