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sylvie esmonin 2005 gevrey

sylvie esmonin gevrey chambertin

I bought one bottle each of this, the Vieilles-Vignes and the Clos St.Jacques to compare and then decide which to purchase more of – but within days everything was sold – so the bigger brother and sister are packed away for a date together in the future.
2005 Sylvie Esmonin, Gevrey-Chambertin try to find this wine...
Medium-plus colour. The nose starts with blue and black-skinned fruit over soft base that very faintly hints to stems – slowly the fruit becomes a nice precise currant note with a passing mint-leaf aroma. Silky-soft texture that’s linear to start and widens a little before black-cherry fruit takes over. The finish is distinguished by a slowly lingering softly-sweet flavour.
Rebuy – Yes

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4 responses to “sylvie esmonin 2005 gevrey”

  1. Daniel

    Err … your Chinese translation is not that accurate. Are you using Google Translate?

    I know it takes time to properly translate. I spent an equal amount of time going through it as well.

  2. Gavin

    I adore the village and the vieilles vignes. I’ve drunk a few cases of this already 🙁 In fact, I’ve run out.

    Tried the Clos St. Jacques. It was extremely tight and closed. Needs a big sleep.

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