that’s going to take some sorting in the cellar!

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I visited the Côte d’Or today – it was cold, windy and grey. I took my camera, but only took one picture of an interesting doorway in a vineyard wall – okay, two pictures, the first was blurred! I know, therapy beckons…

Of more importance was my yearly bottle round-up: the major issue with a string wonderful tastings with growers throughout the year, is that there’s often something you want to buy. Today was collection day – a few bottles here and a few bottles there soon add up. Today it added up to 54 bottles and seven magnums of 2005’s. I don’t regret a single bottle (or magnum!), but it was painful from a fiscal perspective…

PS – I already drank two of my wines of the year for 2008 chez Nicolas Potel today – one of each colour – will add the box in the sidebar this weekend…

4 responses to “that’s going to take some sorting in the cellar!”

  1. Richard Brooks

    Go on, tell us what they are…

  2. Richard Brooks

    Some lovely wines. I wish I had got hold of some of that Bichot GE, and I’m a Potel fan too. Never had a Gambal wine for some reason.

  3. ken bramlett

    Well done on the Gambal Chambolles.

    He only made one barrel of the Amoureuses, and it’s a hard find in the States.


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