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louis carillon’s pitangerets 2004

carillon aubin pitangerets

Guess why I bought this – correct – because I’d never heard of the 1er cru and thought ‘let’s have a look’. Even after I found out it was red, I still thought ‘why not?’ 😉

2004 Louis Carillon et Fils, St.Aubin 1er Les Pitangerets try to find this wine...
Medium ruby red, already a little development at the rim. The nose starts a little like roast red tarts with an overlay of herbal, slightly cedarish notes. In the mouth there’s nice enough texture but the tannins coupled with the acidity will certainly make your mouth pucker – it’s an interesting contrast to the ripe fruit. A nice middle-weight wine with food, but more challenging without. I’m not unhappy to have drunk my first Pitangerets, though I’m not straining at the leash for the next, at least not from 2004…
Rebuy – No

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  1. David Lester

    I bought a case of the 1999 of this wine. It was tough going to start with (2001-2), and then seemed to be “stretched”, so I left it. I may still have a bottle or two left. As you say, slightly better with food, and probably a no rebuy.

    For UK readers, this wine is probably best sourced from Oddbins, who’s Castel connections probably provide access. The price, however, will be higher than than the £7.19 per bottle I paid (IB) for the 1999. I think it remains my one and only sub-ten-quid 1er cru purchase.

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