the london times – a lesson in how not to spell!

I hope Jane MacQuitty will be giving her editor a good kicking 😉

times’ bad spelling

You might as well read the article now – the errant headline remains…

4 responses to “the london times – a lesson in how not to spell!”

  1. rick gregory

    Ohh… Burgandy! I love that stuff… Sadly, it’s SO hard to find…

  2. George Gray

    OK,a silly mistake, but not misleading, whereas, if MacQuitty’s opinion of the 2006 vintage is justified, then all the other opinions emitted until now ARE misleading. Apart from snide comments, what are your (and Rick’s) opinions of the 2006 vintage?

  3. George Gray

    Hi Bill, thanks for the reply….and the reassurance that the 2006’s haven’t suddenly gone downhill. I’ll look forward to your report on your on-going tastings. If you have the oportunity and the time, have a look at Domaine (Jean-Claude) Bachelet in Saint Aubin (Gamay Village). (But don’t tell anyone else!)

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