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domaine robert-denogent

robert denogentDomaine Robert-Denogent is a domaine whose wines I’d never tasted. Given that they also lie outside the ‘true’ Côte d’Or – way out in Pouilly-Fuissé – I’ve never felt the need to travel that far afield. But a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to taste, and the wines were really excellent – even more-so when factoring in the value versus a Puligny or Meursault. I started without my pen, but the wines were so good I had to find it, hence, the notes gradually get longer!

2005 Robert-Denogent, Mâcon-Fuissé Les Taches try to find this wine...
Very impressed by the length here – this is very nice.
Rebuy – Yes
2005 Robert-Denogent, Mâcon-Solutré Clos des Bertillonnes try to find this wine...
Slightly more tropical nose – gives a similar impression on the palate too. It’s soft, but also intense and with super acidity.
Rebuy – Maybe
2005 Robert-Denogent, Pouilly-Fuissé La Croix try to find this wine...
Less tropical – starts much more mineral and then widens out into a wide vista of ripe fruit.
Rebuy – Yes
2005 Robert-Denogent, Pouilly-Fuissé Les Reisses try to find this wine...
This seems very concentrated and intense. I like this very much and there’s a super length.
Rebuy – Yes
2005 Robert-Denogent, Pouilly-Fuissé ‘Claude Denogent’ try to find this wine...
There’s just a hint of cream on the nose. In the mouth it’s very impressive with a creamy width and an expressive length.
Rebuy – Yes
2005 Robert-Denogent, Pouilly-Fuissé Les Carrons try to find this wine...
On the nose this also has the cream, but there’s an extra dimension too – lovely. Quite big in the mouth, though the ‘hit’ of concentration comes quite late. Before that ‘hit’ I might have wanted a little more freshness, but the mouthwatering finish knocked my socks off – very, very good.
Rebuy – Yes

5 responses to “domaine robert-denogent”

  1. dwdj

    Yes very nice wines – inc. the only Taches I buy a case of every year…

  2. Eric

    These wines are hidden gems! I like them a lot too!
    Tasted the La Croix, Claude Denogent and the Le Reisses of 2004 and they are lovely indeed!

  3. stan brazaitis

    Can you give me a rating on Robert-denogent La Croix Pouilly-Fuisse 1998 -Is it still drinkable-I have 20 bottles that were given to me. I don’t. know if they were stored correctly.

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