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dominique laurent 1997 fixin 1er

1997 Dominique Laurent, Fixin 1er Les Hervelets try to find this wine...
Medium colour. The nose starts a little unusual, green boiled vegetables – asparagus – slowly takes on a more classic pale red nose at the core, actually it was better than it sounds! Quite fresh, though the acidity is a little spiky and penetrating but there’s a mineral edge too. Mouthwatering with a mineral length. Interesting but I wouldn’t buy any…
Rebuy – No

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  1. Tom Blach

    Interesting-I bought quite a lot of this 5 years ago. It was a massively overweight monster but had both utility and charm. It was all drunk quite quickly as I thought it had no chance of positive evolution, but I now wish I’d kept some for the long term, given the absolute unpredictability of these wines’ development.

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