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damoy chapelle-chambertin 1997

damoy chapelleA nice piece from Eric to start us off.

This is the last note from my small sojourn into the world of 1997’s – I’m sure that’s probably enough for this year – so tonight I begin dipping into the younger 2004 and (mainly) 2005’s that are newly populating the cellar. But back to the Damoy – this was actually a bit of a surprise; unheralded producer, relative underperformance of the cru, weak vintage – yet overachieving versus expectations. Almost enough to become a ‘buy’.

1997 Damoy, Chapelle-Chambertin try to find this wine...
Wide and interesting, just a little diffuse but there’s plenty of complexity and a little earth. Relatively fresh, starting wide and narrows/concentrates into the finish – and it’s a good creamy finish. The overall stance of this wine is one of understatement – but it’s very nice and if seen at a good price…
Rebuy – Maybe

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  1. Jean Francois


    What about the 1998?
    I have never drunk it yet and could get some bottles.
    Is it as recommendable as the 1997?

    Thank you very much & all the best

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