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2001 drouhin vosne 1er petits monts

petits monts drouhin
From the same source as the last two Drouhins. Whilst not so cheap at 62 Swiss francs, it’s a relative bargain as it’s about 65% of the initial price of the 2005 – which is anyway now sold-out.
2001 Joseph Drouhin, Vosne-Romanée 1er Les Petits Montstry to find this wine...
Medium-plus ruby-red colour. The nose starts wide, wild and fecund – very impressive – but within 25 minutes it’s a shadow of its former self; higher-toned, fresh and herbal – spicy but without the earlier power. The palate is lithe, linear and undemonstrative – somehow metallic tasting. On the plus-side there is excellent texture and an implied rather than overt power. The length is impressive if rather understated. If I’m honest, there’s nothing here today except potential and more left the bottle for day 2 than normal. Day 2: much of the nose is returned, high-class Vosne, almost textural aromatics. The palate has improved some – mainly the width and length of the finish, but whilst there is enough to tempt me to buy more – this wine has become very difficult to find – you really should avoid opening bottles today.
Rebuy – Yes (eventually!)

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  1. Tom Blach

    I think this is a really common theme with 01s now, Bill. What I found unique in the evolution of this vintage was its journey from really thin , nasty and forbidding to often a staggering opulence of fruit, which stage is now ending.I think it’s a very special vintage on the cote de nuits.

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