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04 château crée, santenay

chateau cree santenay
2004 Château de la Crée, Santenay Clos du Châteautry to find this wine...
A ‘monopole’ I never heard of. Lots of attention has been made to the upmarket packaging, but how do the contents reflect the producer’s aspirations? Medium-pale ruby-red colour – looks older than the label suggests. The nose shows plenty of medium-toast, deep oak, above is a herbal potpourri element rather than the more common cedar of the vintage. Light-bodied but light on it’s feet too and with very good texture – the tannins have quite a fine grain. The acidity is fresh and even intense in the mid-palate, lingering into a good finish. Actually this is very well made – plenty of expensive oak, but well integrated and no heavy-handed extraction. The oak is just a little more obvious than my preference but this is both well-made and good value at €15.
Rebuy – Maybe

Two new wine-related pieces; riesling and münster. I remember once sitting on a flight to Munich from Basel, it was summer and there was a smell – I though I’d forgotten my deodorant – when we landed the lady in front of me apologised in-case I could smell something, it was her package of Münster cheese in the overhead locker…

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  1. carlton jones

    please can you tell me where I can buy this wine.
    I live in the uk. thanks.

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