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roulot bourgogne blanc 2005

roulot bourgogne blanc
Maybe it was the lunchtime samosas but the first night it didn’t taste right. Here’s with the benefit of day two:
2005 Domaine Roulot, Bourgogne Blanctry to find this wine...
Plenty of toasty bread and brioche on the nose. The palate is very much about a savoury intensity wrapped with excellent acidity. There’s little here for instant gratification, rather a linear, mineral wine constructed for the longer term. I have no issue with the style and the quality is undeniable, but find it out of place in a bourgogne – even an expensive one such as this. Bourgogne’s should be fun, this will require a few years of slumber to provide that.
Rebuy – Maybe

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  1. dwdj

    Interesting – but surely you’d be gutted if having spent the money it was all-the-fun-of-the-fair right out of bottle? Then you might as well save yourself the extra and look to Louis Latour or Olivier Leflaive? I agree opening grumpy Bourgogne is no fun but surely the other great thing about generics is when you open one (after a few years) that transcends its appellation – as those of F. Jobard & A. Ente can…

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