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chézeaux 2000 gevrey-chambertin

2000 des Chézeaux, Gevrey-Chambertintry to find this wine...
Medium-pale ruby-red. The nose starts with a waft of sweet oak, 2 minutes later it’s gone, replaced by a forward and ripe mix of strawberry/raspberry against a developing, more tertiary background. Sweet and soft with a good intensity in the mid-palate, the slowly mouthwatering finish is not bad either. This is a medium-weight wine that’s relatively easy drinking and simple but very tasty – shows the friendly side of the vintage.
Rebuy – Yes

7 responses to “chézeaux 2000 gevrey-chambertin”

  1. Dr Burgundy

    I am interested that you have hung onto the 2000s for so long. I quaffed most of mine by 2005 given the lightness of the vintage. Despite the lack of concentration there were some very tasty wines, I especially enjoyed the Choreys from Francois Gay.

  2. dwdj

    Bill – liking the new layout but missing the speech-box for comments.
    Thought they looked very classy. Anyhow, can you quickly clear up the Ponsot/Chezeaux bottlings thing for me – essentially same wines??

  3. dwdj

    Sorry meant to add talking about for 2000 vintage…

  4. dwdj

    2000 Griotte-Chambertin by Chezeaux? Thanks Bill.

  5. dwdj

    ah…the link, got you. Many thanks!

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