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robert arnoux 98 vosne

arnoux 98 vosne
1998 Robert Arnoux, Vosne-Romanéetry to find this wine...
Bright, shiny, medium, medium-plus ruby-red colour. The nose starts with quite a waft of spicy, toasty oak but fortunately this hangs around for only 10 minutes or-so. The end result is wide, with higher tones and mainly red fruits that have just an edge of black about them. There is good concentration with even an extra kick in the mid-palate – it’s all coupled with good, smooth texture too. Excellent acidity and long finishing – very successful and better than many a 1er cru.
Rebuy – Yes

Two interesting pieces I noted in the interweb in the last days; one on terroir and the other about a burgundy ‘transplant‘.


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  1. Greg Kramer

    Hi Bill:

    Nice note. Stylistically, how would you compare this to Engel’s VR from the same vintage?

    Curious also if you think village offerings are good indicators of producer style.



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