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jaboulet-vercherre 96 beaune 1er clos de l’ecu

jaboulet-vercherre beaune clos de l'ecu
This wine has wonderful packaging – Faiveley (who currently make this wine) will certainly not achieve the same level of interest – I expect, however, that the contents will be significantly improved, even if you don’t like the Faively style!
1996 Jaboulet-Vercherre, Beaune 1er Clos de l’Ecutry to find this wine...
Medium-pale ruby-red. The nose has a high-toned start with a little resinous/green background, slowly a little jammier depth comes through. The palate is a little thin, with tart acidity, mild tannin and a rather unripe finish – if you persevere, your palate adjusts a little and there is some apparent sweetness – but I wouldn’t recommend it. Is this the worst wine I’ve opened this year? – well there was that 96 Lamadon Echézeaux, but more on that another day – for now this has that dubious award.
Rebuy – No Way

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  1. dwdj

    at least the label was nice…

    Tell me did you find scissors in time or did you expectantly go at the wire with your teeth??

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