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hubert lignier 2000 chambolle

hubert lignier chambolle
2000 Hubert Lignier, Chambolle-Musignytry to find this wine...
Medium garnet but it still retains more than an edge of cherry-red. The nose impresses with lovely high-toned fruit over a deeper base – it starts with a twist of black, but gets redder and finer all the while – eventually I even find wild strawberry, a common descriptor for pinot, but one that I rarely find. This wine shows an impressive level of concentration to go with its smooth texture. There’s plenty of oak artifacts on the finish – vanilla cream – but it’s very long for a village wine and continues to impress as the glass empties. What differentiates this from other ‘beautifully oaked’ wines is the fresh, complex and compelling ‘Chambolle’ fruit on the nose – devoid of oak. I remember this being relatively expensive, but it’s a wine that I can say I wish I had more of. Smooth and ‘giving’ there’s definitely no rush to drink this.
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. ken bramlett

    Bill, thanks for all the great commentary.

    I’ve tried a number of 2000’s lately, and recently had Lignier’s 2000 Chambolle and Clos de la Roche. I wouldn’t add anything to your notes on CM. I was very happy with the CdlR as well. A young wine, but not uncompromising at all. It was well balanced and showed the familiar dark fruit flavors you so often find in Morey St. Denis and especially in CdlR. Although it was quite approachable now, it has more stuffing than most of the grand crus I’ve had from 2000 — I’ll probably hold on several years before trying another one.

    Cheers from Charlotte, North Carolina.

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