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arnoux’s 2001 vosne suchots

arnoux 2001 suchotsHow quickly prices can move. I bought the 1999 for under 60 euros – this 2001 is more like 90 euros from a Swiss merchant.

This 2001 is actually the result of my corked Jadot Clos de Bèze from the group of 1999’s last week; the seller of the Bèze was happy to exchange, but (of course) has no more Bèze – within 5 euro, this is now the same price! Anyway, I decided it would be good to experience this 2001 after the 1999…

2001 Robert Arnoux, Vosne-Romanée 1er Les Suchots
Medium, medium-plus ruby red colour. The nose starts with heavy, sweet oak that totally obscures any fruit. The palate is jam packed and quite well textured, but my first impression is the creamy coconut on a finish who’s duration is frankly amazing for a 1er cru, it’s even like toffee after (over) a minute. The overall stance of this wine is medium-weight and it really has first-class balance – though I couldn’t find anything to indicate the village, let alone the vineyard for the first hour if was in my glass. The most telling comment came from my wife – and she wasn’t tasting (yet) – “what’s wrong, why are you pulling a face – is it corked?” – I didn’t know I was being watched! Two hours(!) in there’s a finer red fruit note just starting to appear above the sweet, soft base. Unlike some very expensive names in 2001, this wine has very ripe, if understated tannin and is excuisitely made, but particular in style. Going forward from here is quite simple; if you want a very high quality wine to luxuriate in, drink this wine right away. If, however, you want to drink a very high quality wine that reflects its origin, then don’t even think of opening one of these before 2012 – or you will be disappointed – in fact, make that 2015!
Rebuy – Maybe

I suppose I should be happy that I would much rather drink (for instance) Potel’s Suchots than Arnoux’s – the Potel is that much more transparent, and ‘only’ about 60% of the cost – at least that would be my preference in the first 10 years of the wine’s life – after 10 years in the cellar, who knows…(?)

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  1. Dan Perrelli

    Hi Bill – Your notes continue my education and truly steer me clear of temptation. If this wine had been in bottle for 18 months I might agree to revisit in a decade. Yet it is my experience that 5 years on, obtrusive oak is sadly, just that, and whatever integration might still occur, the wine will always be relatively terroirless and marked by wood. What a shame. As to Potel – the style is very admirable and the wine always correct, and as you comment, sometimes brilliant. But I am most often left a little non-plussed, a little distant; the wines are almost too correct, too technical. Where’s the risk? And speculating, after 10-20 years, where’s the beef?

  2. Dan Perrelli

    You’re right there. Foggy Bottom. Foggy London Town. Not wines of distinction.

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