what’s next(?)

Very little time to add things here this week as I’m finalising the Spring Burgundy Report. The deadline (tomorrow) is immovable as I will go on holiday (Saturday) so the site will in ‘stasis’ for a whole week. But I look forward to responding to your observations on my return.

Once back it will be time to start working on this diary page – despite my efforts to-date, I find it far too ‘generic bloggy’ so will see what can be modified – note that nobody ever promised improvement! 😉

Ciao for now

3 responses to “what’s next(?)”

  1. Phil

    Bill (gentle hint) what about the “what are you drinking page”

    cheers have a nice hol

  2. Phil


    I know nothing about technical computer babel just thought it would be easy, as with so many things in life, reality proves more difficult. I for one would not like to see this site get filled with spam or worse from idiots so unless you can include some protection for the site and yourself just leave well alone !


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