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musigny, richebourg or chambertin? #3

So, the last piece of the jigsaw – everything should be easy now.

Wine #3
The first 20 minutes:
The first few sniffs disappoint, a little undergrowth but little else. Slowly a dense red note builds at the core with a slightly herbal, menthol note above. The palate is dense, plush and very well textured – contrasting to the minerality of wine 2. The tannins come through on the mid-palate onwards and finish slightly bitter but there’s a real creamy base and this is probably the longest finishing.
After 45 minutes:
The nose is good but not great, some extra width of high-toned fruit and occasional glimpses of coffee – the herbal element is now much more in the background. The palate remains dense, plenty of silky tannin and exquisitely long if not particularly involving.
90 minutes on:
The nose was almost coming together, but then a little cedar thing started to develop. The palate stays unmoveable; concentrated, perhaps a little dense and very long. Side-by-side with wine 2 this denser, but #2 is more mineral and fresh.

Wines two and three are easily the best of this trio as they show greater length and more importantly sophistication. I would not rebuy #1. Today I would rate #2 above #3 – for it’s wonderful aromatics – for the longer term I’m happy to keep checking back every 5 years or-so and even add to their number in my cellar – if I had both the cash and the opportunity.

Faces put to the names on Friday!

7 responses to “musigny, richebourg or chambertin? #3”

  1. Richard Brooks

    My record in these things is just terrible, but I’d guess richebourg/musigny/chambertin. what I find intersting is how these excellent tastng notes can convey so much useful inforation, and yet still not quite get across what the wine really tastes like!

  2. Tom Blach

    Complete guess- Richebourg/Chambertin/Musigny. Though 97s have been doing unexpected things recently.

  3. Reto

    Hello Bill,

    From your descriptions I would guess

    However: If I take into account how disappointing the Musigny was we had last december I would guess:


  4. Mark Palmer


    I’m going Chambertin, Musigny, Richebourg which I think puts me out on a limb. But hey I like the view more from this side.

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