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vienna for a day

No wine today, just ‘Sacher Torte‘ and a very long day…
schloss schoenbrunn

3 responses to “vienna for a day”

  1. David Bennett

    Bill, Did you not get to Klosterneuberg, Home of the worlds oeneolgoical school? It’s not far from Vienna Centre and well worth a visit. Quite good wines although sensibel prices for austrian standards and some super Eiswein.

    also “The Black Camel” coffee house is worth a visit if you have time next time.

    Nice Palaces though, and Lucy and I have fond memories of our honeymoon in Vienna only 8 years ago!


  2. Reto

    Hi Bill,

    was visiting Vienna with my girlfriend about 10 days ago.
    The Austrians produce some serious pinot noir! We especially enjoyed those from Pöckl….


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