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remoriquet 99 vosne malconsorts

remoriquet malconsorts
I remembered a note from Allen Meadows on this wine, it went something like ‘Malconsorts as it should be, but so rarely is’. Having spotted this and a number of other potential gems in a merchants cellar, I quite forgot about 2005’s – this week at least!

Although the vineyard is quite large, you will rarely find this ‘Au-dessus des Malconsorts’ label – pehaps it uses too much ink – most producers simply choose to describe their wine as Malconsorts. Not all the maps show the location either, but you can see it on this older map, sitting at the top of Malconsorts and touching on today’s La Tâche.
1999 H & G Remoriquet, Vosne-Romanée 1er Au-Dessus des Malconsortstry to find this wine...
Medium-plus colour – only the faintest traces of cherry-red still remain. The nose is absolutely splendid; forward, very wide, mineral, a little feral, hints of coffee, spice and spruce – it could only come from Vosne, and though it misses a touch of decorum, such is the complexity that you would expect (blind) that it was a very good grand cru. The bar is now set and I’m judging this wine to grand cru standards: The palate starts with a blast, wide interesting and complex – there’s little fat. It slowly fades rather than expands. Under their blanket of fruit the tannins are a little grainy and the finish is in the ‘good but not great’ category. This is an excellent 1er cru but misses a little mid-palate density and length for a truly fine grand cru. All the same, this is open for business and is a very ‘giving’ wine that brims with complexity and interest – if not elegance. Highly recommended…
Rebuy – Yes
Clicking on the dollar sign above I see (once more) that Berry Bros stock this wine – 31 bottles left – and at their case price of ~£22 per bottle it’s a bargain of epic proportions…

9 responses to “remoriquet 99 vosne malconsorts”

  1. David Henry

    It’s good to hear that at least some of the 1999’s have opened up.

  2. Phil

    I’ve a bottle of the 2002 gathering some dust must be patient

  3. Richard Brooks

    Great recommendation – I’ve just bought a case. £25 duty paid and delivered per bottle! That’s less than most decent 05 village wines are being sold for.

    I have a new Burgundy hunting strategy: find the more traditional, less trendy growers and buy their older wines from good sites in good years. Fill yer boots with 99’s…

  4. FiloBianco

    Sold out at BBR.

  5. jeff smith

    Any notes on the 1999 NSG Damodes…

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