Why Big Red Diary?

remoriquet 98 nuits damodes

1998 H & G Remoriquet, Nuits St.Georges 1er Les Damodestry to find this wine...
remoriquet nuitsThe colour is very deep and surprisingly still clings to a young, faint cherry-red hue. The nose is brooding, dense and very focused – eventually a little underbrush compliments the black-skinned fruit. Concentrated, slightly metallic flavours and plenty of well covered fine tannin are the first impressions followed by faintly mouth-watering acidity and a long, fresh finish. This wine impresses with its very fresh, linear and concentrated yet still quite primary delivery – it is quite aloof – haughty even – but there are no hard edges. I would say it will benefit from at least another 3 years in the cellar.
Rebuy – Yes

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