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alex gambal 04 dents de chien

gambals chien
Whilst I thought François and Denis Clair’s Dents de Chien was an okay wine at the price, this is on a completely different level, and to be frank, not that much more expensive…
2004 Alex Gambal, St.Aubin 1er Les Murgers des Dents de Chientry to find this wine...
Pale lemon-yellow. A smooth nose of brioche and mineral notes and some quite bready depth – very appealing. This really stands apart on the palate, very good acidity coupled to nice minerality, yet there is good mid-palate impact. The finish is just a little oak driven at the moment, but this wine has drive and personality. Everyone enjoyed this very much.
Rebuy – Yes

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    Hello Alex,
    I had the priviledge of meeting you when I was a bartender at The Federalist! I also know you through Chris Lynch, as I date his cousin Heather Regan who was a pastry chef at the Fed. How funny what a small world it is! Its kinda fun to see my family name on a nice bottle of wine.
    Best Regards
    Dennis St Aubin

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