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back from spain

inside the sagrada familiaBack home, completely jet-lagged from Spain. You don’t need to return from Japan to get jetlagged, you just need to go direct from the nightclub (BiKiNi) to your 7:00am breakfast meeting…

Barcelona is a great place to spend 3 or 4 days – I can’t recommend it enough – there is all the culture that you can dream of and it has a nice facile side too!
Oh, and by the way, I also found time to work while I was there!

3 responses to “back from spain”

  1. SobreVino

    Nice to know that you liked it.

    Any interesting contact with spanish wine?



  2. SobreVino

    Next time you come to Spain please feel free to drop me a line (or two:-) by e-mail if you want recommendations.



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