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another mugneret, 04 NSG 1er chaignots

mugneret 2004 nsg 1er
The last wine from this domaine for a while:
Domaine Georges Mugneret, Nuits St.Georges 1er Les Chaignotstry to find this wine...
Darker than the Gevrey that preceded it, and a shade lighter than the Vosne that preceded that. The nose is deep and dark, initially just a little monolithic, slowly it gives a peek of black cherry, cream, and faint coffee mixed with smoke. Seems to fill the mouth and has a super intensity to the mid-palate. Powerful and mouthwatering this shows a higher level of tannin than the Gevrey and it’s perceptibly grainier too – though certainly not misbehaved – it’s very well covered. The finish is longer with an edge of cream to the fine burst fruit. A super NSG.
Rebuy – Yes

Altogether more about it than the Gevrey today, but it’s a little more challenging to drink than the Vosne which would be my drink of choice for the next couple of years from this trio.

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  1. Kent Comley

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the note, I picked up some 04 NSG Vignes-rondes and Ruchottes recently and was interested to get a data point on those – this gives me cause for optimism.
    I managed to buy some 01 & 02 Vignes-Rondes also last year, but haven’t cracked one yet – any notes?

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