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the week’s second from fourrier

the grinchI’m hoping that the remnants of this one will taste a little better tonight…

2001 Fourrier, Chambolle-Musigny Gruenchers try to find this wine...
Medium-pale ruby-red colour. The nose starts out a little dark and chocolatey; time takes away the darker elements to be replaced with slightly volatile, high-toned estery notes and a faint core of tight red fruit – not so appealing. The palate has good texture and mouthwatering acidity. The intensity belies the colour and the finish is quite long but rather metallic. On day one I have to say that I’m a little disappointed.

Day two the nose is a little more estery and the palate remains consistent. Disappointing – Rebuy – No

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  1. Kent Comley

    Hi Bill,
    I agree with your note on this one. However recent 01 Gevrey Champeaux was far superior, and certainly none of the funk of the Gruenchers.

  2. Kent Comley

    Hi Bill,
    Yes I agree re the Villages VV – I have consumed half a case of those to date. Lovely stuff!

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