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icon bashing

It appears quite a strange hijack of a posting.

I suppose it’s his house, so RMP can say what he likes, but it seems as if he’s undermining his new staffer David Schildknecht even before he starts, who will now (possibly) have to review the 2002 wines of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti with one arm tied behind his back – it wouldn’t do to disagree with his new boss – or would it(?)!

PS I have no concerns about the wines I bought AFTER I tasted!

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  1. John

    Alder Yarrow over at the “vinography” blog has the most complete info on the Cali vs. Burg “tasting” by Parker last week.
    There’s feedback from various others (including those who were there)about not including Oregon, etc., but you’re the first to point out (or at least leave one to their own conclusions) just what’s beneath all this.
    For the life of me this “blind tasting” displays more about the character, or lack thereof, of any business-person than just about anything I’ve ever witnessed in public. Merits and particulars of the tasting aside, it’s difficult to imagine the thought process of anyone in any business who would hire not only one of the most decent of people, and one of the most talented professionals in the wine industry, only to arrogantly and publicly strip him of virtually all of his well deserved cachet in having made the decision to work for him. Has Parker lost every single modicum of common (and business) sense? Is this some exercise for him to display that “he’s the king” when he’s already hired someone to write on Burgundy? (And not just someone!)
    I personally have left the employment of others for much less overt “power-grabs” similar to this. If it is not too late, I would wholeheartedly support Schildknect if he were to renege on his part of the contract and sever his relationship with what I earlier thought was a brilliant decision by Parker to bring him on board. Schildknect deserves better. Much, much better.
    P.S. Thanks for all your blogging. I read religiously.

  2. John

    Strange indeed. Maybe I should calm down a little and simply refer to it as “The Distasteful Tasting.”

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