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Last week was an interesting week, one where the world of wine critics lost a great writer. I was never a fan of Pierre’s blanket positions on vintages – he of all people should have known that a vintage is a shade of gray, not a black or white thing – but where Pierre excelled was in the enthusiastic communication of the facets of the land and the people. He’s returning to the commerce side of the wine business and I wish him well.

Nothing visible on the website in terms of new pages, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no pedalling below the surface! A profile of Tollot-Beaut is 98% complete for the November issue and I’m deep into the research aspects (bottles!) of a profile of the village, Vosne-Romanee. This week I will add another 30 or-so notes to the NoteFinder – I plan to do this monthly, but will still keep the roundup in each issue.

September is fast approaching; with it a nice dinner with a dozen wines from Leroy – going back to some ‘new’ releases of wines from 1966 as well as the ‘declassified 2004’s. While I think about it, there will also be the small matter of a harvest…

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  1. Burgfreak

    Hi Bill,

    Rovani will be missed. However I’m relieved that you’re still around to hold the fort. I think you will soon fill the shoes left behind by Clive Coates.

    It is always a pleasure to read your reports and I eagerly look forward to your November issue. I do hope you will be posting a blow-by-blow account of the 2006 Harvest as it happens. The growing season does have some cause for worry with the blazing July and wet August, (not to mention the 3 hail-storms!) Keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny and dry September.

    Best wishes

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