jamie goode’s new-found friend

Our German cousins call it schadenfreude, basically it means taking a little enjoyment out of someone-else’s misfortune. The word sprang to mind when I read the post on Jamie’s blog. I’m frankly amazed that: a)this Master of Wine has no idea of the CV of his target, and b)that he would choose such uninformed rudeness (I can’t think of an alternative word – though perhaps arrogance could be substituted) for a public forum. Clearly Jamie was scathing about the scientific basis of this ‘gadget’ – but let’s be honest, there is none – but he was not rude. Perhaps Jamie should invite a few ‘more senior’ MW’s to roadtest the gadget vs other ‘aeration’ devices, as this seems to be the mode of action – assuming there is one.
My smile widened when the errant MW mentioned that he had tested the device ‘several’ times – ah, at last, some scientific rigour!

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    […] It’s not so long ago that I mentioned Jamie Goode’s (in)famous ‘discussion’ with the magnet guru, Dr Patrick Farrell MW. It now seems that the market for ‘wine enhancers’ is burgeoning – why pour a wine through a magnetic device when you can simply stand the bottle on a nice looking tile. However, this important advance has now come across the desk of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) – seems they are offering $1,000,000 – what a lucky guy this Robert Catania is !!! […]

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