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Clos Goillotte…

the clos goillotte

Hard to find this wine as it’s such a small (monopole) vineyard in Vosne-Romanee – it’s attached to the old hunting lodge of the Dukes of Burgundy and at 0.55 hectares, barely big enough to have been their kitchen garden, but Dave Brookes has managed to get hold of a bottle! – Looks (overly) pricy, but it is a ’99 I suppose, and it did sound rather nice…

2 responses to “Clos Goillotte…”

  1. Dave Brookes

    Hello Bill,

    A lovely wine, very hard to find down here in the penal colonies…pushes the funk threshold, layered, complex with a dirty edge….just like me. Certainly is a wallet buster though.

    All the best

    Dave Brookes

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