Travels in Burgundy 2017

a lesson in pruning musigny…

By billn on March 23, 2017 #travels in burgundy 2017#vineyard pestilence

Eric Bourgogne of de Vogüé graciously gave me a lesson in pruning in Musigny today – it’s impressive the attention to detail that Eric has; quickly removing spare buds and generally tidying the ‘pieds’ and spotting the camouflaged caterpillars. I think it was probably a good idea that he never actually handed me the secateurs!

Two things to note as they come to the end of their pruning; despite the cold snap in January, -10°C doesn’t seem to have dissuaded the caterpillars (pictured) that eat the buds of the vine – in some plots Eric has rarely seen so many. Also I could easily see the difficulties of both pruning and training the vines due to last spring’s frost – not all, but close to one in 10, of the cordon trained vines (one baguette) are very difficult to train in the required directions. It seems much easier in the vines which have the double cordons – which is about two thirds of de Vogüés plantings…

a quick jog around town

By billn on March 22, 2017 #travels in burgundy 2017

One or two buds are pushing, but nothing close to bud-burst at the bottom of the Beaune 1er Crus…

a little côte de nuits & much more côte de beaune – rugiens mainly

By billn on March 20, 2017 #travels in burgundy 2017

and today a little monthèlie…

By billn on March 19, 2017 #travels in burgundy 2017

Considering the wet, wet, wet forecast for this weekend, we had only a little rain during Saturday morning’s market. Not much sun before mid-afternoon on Sunday though – i.e. only after my camera battery expired 😉

a few producers – classic plus outliners

By billn on March 09, 2017 #travels in burgundy 2017

A modest bunch of producers visited this week.

Really a wet, wet three days in Beaune, so not many ‘outside’ photos. A classic selection of Meursault, Volnay and Gevrey but with some outliners from St.Romain and Auxey. The rest of the time was spent trying to sort out a move of apartment in Beaune – it is the classic French ‘it’s complicated

But I do have a couple of cool bottle labels and also a couple of ‘outside’ photos, including the current stage of Faiveley’s renovation of the house in Gevrey’s Les Issarts: the frontage of the house is really changing – but hopefully the old roof-tiles will return…

week 3 of bo-jo-lays 2015 visits…

By billn on February 25, 2017 #beaujolais#travels in burgundy 2017

The last, lucky, producers who were unfortunate enough to host me to taste their 2015s!

There will be more visits/tastings to look at specific crus, but that’s enough for February’s report – now to finish January’s report – and that will be at least 5 days more work!

today, a beautful beaujolais day…

By billn on February 23, 2017 #travels in burgundy 2017

My first lizard of the year was seen last week, and today was my first butterfly and bee – all outside the home of Yvon Metras. Too much for February? Only time will tell…

Before midday there were some far-reaching views, but by lunchtime, all was a little cloudier. Still, as I ‘summit-ed’ the Col des Truges, there was a breath-taking view of Mont Blanc – and considering the tiny 35mm lens on my camera, I think the picture not too bad, but it really doesn’t compare with the real-life apparition!

Tomorrow is my last day of 3 weeks of visits in Beaujolais – 50 domaines – next week will be only typing – and even more typing!

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