exuberant hospices de beaune 2010…

By billn on November 21, 2010 #beaune#the market

Auction prices were up by about 20% versus last year – so not too irrational pricing (reds at least will offer high potential quality) – perhaps because the Chinese actor couldn’t get to the sale, the Chinese (for now) kept their powder relatively dry.

Reuters report here.

auction weekend…

By billn on November 20, 2010 #beaune#the market

hospices de beauneIt’s that time of year again. This weekend is the auction for the Hospices de Beaune – and there is added spice.

It’s the 150th auction and the (red) grapes looked very fine, but with Christies driving the marketing of the sale into China, part-Chinese auction catalogues and a Chinese actress to stand beside the French actor at the sale, there is a clear, if unstated intent. The ballooning prices attained at recent auctions have had nothing to do with ‘worth’, only face, as Chinese buyers have squared up to each other – they could have bought from a merchant at a fraction of the prices they so publicly paid. But such scenes would be great for the charitable foundation, let’s just hope that the rest of the market remains rational!

I suppose I should have shared this link with you earlier, but there was a chance this year to buy the auction wines – almost direct – without having to sign-up for a full barrel. Don’t worry, there’s always another vintage!

Anyway, that reminds me that I should update my list of Hospices cuvées; there’s a new one and a couple of others have been ‘jigged around’. Another thing for the to-do list!

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