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Already that’s 4 years of Burgundy Report; the format has essentially remained static since issue 1; there’s been the odd design tweak here and there but otherwise it’s the same. I’m constantly aware that this site could become rather stale; i.e. the (potentially mad) ramblings of one individual.

To hopefully counter (or at least delay) that situation you can see here an evolution of presentation, one that will allow for a little democracy. This format will enable the considerable knowledge of the readership to be deployed – should they wish. The bottom of every, new content page will be your chance to comment, offer alternative views, or correct the patently false! Or even just comment on some-one else’s comment! There’s a depth of knowledge in the readership that no individual could replicate; winemakers, relatives of winemakers, sellers of wine and don’t let us forget – ‘enthusiasts’. Let’s see if some of that knowledge can be brought out with this change and avoid a stale, one-dimensional site.

It will be a learning process for the first 6 months or so, but hopefully a useful one.

Something about wine? After a short Christmas break we will see the start of the sales push for the 2005 vintage – not that I think too much of a push will be required and ex-cellars pricing is often below the 2003’s so that will be nice!

7 responses to “random ruminations”

  1. Richard Brooks


    Thanks as ever for the informative and enjoyable website. Mad ramblings it aint – it’s on my short list of required Burgundy reading.



  2. Jean François

    Hi Bill

    The Burgundy Report may not precisely be another well-known one. But it has become during years of great and successful reports a kind of unavoidable website. To tell you the truth I always wait for the next reports with a huge enthousiasm and wish you all the best for the forhcoming decades. Thank you very very much for that and best greetings from Switzerland.

  3. Mark Palmer


    The time and effort is much appreciated. It’s always nice to see/hear alternative opinions on various wines and subjects. I know from visiting the Champagne region that there is so much to be learned by visiting a region and talking to growers and winemakers. I am unable to do this very often with Burgundy and so it’s nice to have someone like yourself “on the ground” so to speak. Please keep it up, it’s required reading now.

  4. Alex Bernardo


    Have just skimmed through and I’m enormously liking the new format already! Certainly the opportunity to interact is a winner. Let me peruse the contents and I’ll chime in some more. I was in Burgundy this spring and will be back again in March so plenty of discussion points await.


  5. Phil

    Bill, how about an area where we could all list some brief comments on the Burgundy we have been drinking ?

    Great site keep up the good work


  6. David Riach

    “an area where we could all list some brief comments on the Burgundy we have been drinking?”

    What a good idea!


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