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Frédéric Barnier 2021 Domaine Louis JadotTasted in Beaune with Frédéric Barnier, 08 December, 2021.

Louis Jadot
21 Rue Eugène Spuller
21200 Beaune
Tel: +33 3 80 22 10 57
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Frédéric on 2020:
The whites delivered about 85% of a normal vintage – but it was more like 30 hl/ha in the reds so there’s plenty of volume missing. Of course, that’s still much more than in 2021. I think we can be so happy with the balance when you consider how early start of the harvest was. We started harvesting early and the whites weren’t as fully ripe as they could be but would have lost a bit too much acidity if we’d waited longer. As for the reds, we don’t have a single wine at 14° – but 13.3-13.7° is normal for the vintage. Apart from a few smaller wines, mainly whites, we have nothing bottled at this stage.

The wines…

The selection of reds offer balance and fresh fruit and there’s a certain maturity because the tannins are far from obvious. The wines are deliciously impressive too – and despite the change in vintage, for both colours, it is largely the same ‘great’ wines I highlighted in both 2019 and 2020.

2020 Santenay, Clos de la Malte
A narrow but deep red nose. Wide, mouth-filling, nicely relaxed despite a little structure. Tasty wine here with interesting finishing bitters.

2020 Prieur-Brunet, Santenay 1er Maladière
4th vintage since Prieur-Brunet purchase, all made in Beaune.
A little broader, still quite red-fruited. Fuller, again a little structured. Super interesting in the finishing again, and again with bitters – but less bitter if you get my meaning!

2020 Chorey-lès-Beaune, Beaumonts
Domaine Gagey
A broader, still red nose here with a small floral too. Fuller, cooler fruit – a small extra tannin – but grainless. Lip-smackingly delicious in the finish – excellent wine.

2020 Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Clos de la Croix de Pierre
Domaine des Heritiers. Of-course from En Caradeaux
Deep, vibrant darker-red fruit. Wide and fresh, really a fine energy here; concentrated, great tannins in the finish that hold onto extra flavour. That’s really lovely wine – moreish too!

2020 Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Dominode
Domaine Louis Jadot
More higher tones are on display with this wine – redder fruit again. Full, lots of energy, a framing of the flavours with a faint tannin, slightly drying, but really complex and mouth-wateringly energetic in the middle. Wide – that’s a super finish – a panorama of slowly fading, tasty flavour…

2020 Monthelie Sur Roche
A more compact nose but with a clarity of transparent red fruit. Wide, nice attack, faintly saline too. Equally wide red fruits as a finishing experience too – it’s lovely here!

2020 Beaune 1er Cras
Domaine Gagey
More airy – that’s really attractive – still with a clarity of red fruit. More direct, cool, mouth-watering. That’s a great and delicious Beaune!
2020 Beaune 1er Clos des Ursules
Domaine des Heritiers.
Deeper and with an attractive though faint spice. Widescreen flavours here, cool fruit again – a patina of tannin without grain – juicy red, almost citrus fruit in the finish before a more mineral last impression. This will be great but have 5+ years of patience despite the obvious balance today…
2020 Volnay 1er Santenots
Domaine Louis Jadot. A new wine since 2017 via Prieur-Brunet, in Plures
A deeper and more vibrantly red-fruited nose. Wide, energetic, dynamic wine. Holding a strong, impressive and, importantly, delicious finish too. Bravo!

2020 Volnay Clos de la Barre
Here with a touch of the floral. Ultra-fine tannin – really a sophisticated texture here. Deliciously ling – a little more direct finishing here – very good!

2020 Corton Pougets
Domaine des Heritiers.
Hmm – now that’s a very attractive nose – some barrel accents for sure – but lovely all the same. Fuller, structural but never anything hard. The tannin growing with the faintest of grain and dryness but a poised wine this. And what a persistent width of finishing flavour – clearly grand cru – bravo!

2020 Marsannay Le Chapitre
Domaine Gagey.
Wide, open, slightly menthol too. Lots of mouth-filling volume plus fine energy to this wine – the faintest of cushioning to the flavour. Great Bourgogne – as was – and simply excellent Marsannay today too.

2020 Nuits St.Georges 1er Les Boudots
Domaine Gagey.
A smaller nose but there’s still some width here and a nice clarity too. Mouth-filling, the grain of the tannin slightly more visible but it’s the middle and finishing flavours where this wine really takes off – it’s a beauty here – some salinity too. Modest starting, great finishing – I’d take that!

2020 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Les Baudes
Domaine Gagey.
A softer, finer, nose – faint barrel caramel too. Mouth-filling – lots of volume here – cool fruit of lovely complexity too. Delicious and completely excellent!

2020 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Les Fuées
Domaine Louis Jadot.
A brighter, more intense nose. Much more structural – more Bonnes-Mares style. Slowly fading – more discrete finishing – so lovely wine but today, give me the previous one!

2020 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Estournelles St.Jacques
Domaine Louis Jadot.
A little more width and calm to this nose – precise and slightly floral too. Broad, cool fruit, mouth-filling fruit too. Broad and persistent in the finish – a little rigour today but all will come good – this is usually a very delicious wine. Very good!

2020 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Clos St.Jacques
Domaine Louis Jadot.
Even more width and more overtly perfumed too. Super in the mouth. Sometimes CSJ can be discreet – but not this one. Complex – fine-textured and very long. Bravo!

2020 Chapelle-Chambertin
Domaine Louis Jadot. Over 90-year-old vines here.
Open, fresh yet still a slightly guarded nose. Mouth-filling, almost seamless – that’s very imüpressive. The finish has great complexity – lots of small fireworks. Great wine – excellent grand cru!

2020 Clos de Bèze
Domaine Louis Jadot.
Narrower but deeper nose – complexity in that depth too – then the top notes fill-out with lots of floral perfume – yes! Big wine, incisive, super texture, direct but the flavour melts beautifully over the palate – gorgeous finishing flavour. A wine for properly adjusting your drinking window – it will be a waste under 10 years of age and better after 20 but clearly a great wine!

2020 Clos de Vougeot
Domaine Louis Jadot. At the bottom of the Clos here.
A much more open nose to start with – direct red fruit energy. Broad over the palate, saturating the tongue with flavour. Layers and layers of finishing flavour. That’s a super CV too – and also a wine to wait for!

2020 Echézeaux
Domaine Louis Jadot.
Fresh aromatics but they go deep too. Extra-wide – full of energy – not a bit overblown with a fine cool-fruited style. Extravagantly flavoured already – that’s just so delicious. You should wait, but….

2020 Clos de la Roche
Domaine Louis Jadot.
A broader nose, with a little oak-derived coffee accent – becoming more and more floral with time in the glass. A touch of reduction but also a deep well of dark flavour too. Long and lingering. This is very good…

2020 Bonnes-Mares
Domaine Louis Jadot.
Versus the previous wine, this nose is the more timid to start yet is subtly complex. Structural, mouth-filling and also mouth-watering. Really an impressive middle and finishing flavour – a wine that needs a bit more elevage and to open up more but is pure and classy already. Certainly excellent – the potential for greatness!

Les blancs…
Some malos partly blocked chez Jadot whites – by choosing a barrel to stop and mixing with the other barrels when they are done. The Chablis villages and 1ers are now bottled but not the GCs:

2020 Ladoix Clou d’Orge
Bright, forward, more obviously oaked than the previous reds. Super in the mouth – open, complex, layered, tasty wine. Slightly saline finishing too.

2020 Santenay Clos de la Malte
Domaine Louis Jadot.
More direct and with lovely freshness. Vibrant, delicious – lovely structure/shape to this wine too. Excellent!

2020 Santenay Clos Faubard
Domaine Louis Jadot.
Cool, floral, wide – that’s a great nose. Extra in the mouth – mineral cool, exciting, delicious – what more could you (I) wish! Bravo!

2020 Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Clos de la Croix de Pierre
Domaine Louis Jadot.
More direct with a vibration of minerality. Fuller, wider – deeper flavours. Finely mouth-watering too. Very different in style but another really excellent white…

2020 Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Clos des Guettes
Domaine Gagey.
Another sample that favours the oak – but there’s a freshness to this too. Mouth-filling, juicy minerality and a modest rigour. Almost zesty finishing – that’s really lovely again…

2020 Beaune 1er Grèves Clos Blanc
Domaine Gagey.
Wider more deliciously aromatic with citrus and salinuity. Coul fruit and a super mouth-filling shape. Really a width of citrus finishing intensity. Excellent wine!

2020 Meursault Narvaux
A more composed, almost discreet width of aroma – yet with an engrossing amount of detail. Super in the mouth – cool fruit, modestly structural, a millimetre of cushioning to the structure and delicious finishing – a vibration of finishing energy. Super!

2020 Meursault 1er Charmes
Domaine Louis Jadot.
Extra depth – that’s really attractive. Fuller, more impact yet still cool and fresh. Layered in the middle and finishing flavours. A great finish!

2020 Meursault 1er Perrières
Here since 2016 chez Domaine Louis Jadot – from the highest parts of the vineyard.
A more airy aromatic but hyper-attractive. More incisive, almost chalky flavoured and framed by a modest tannin too. A super finishing line of flavour – direct and pure!

2020 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Abbaye de Morgeot
More depth and width to this nose – more compact in the higher tones. Extra attack – wide, slaine. Super complex finishing. This could be a great wine!

2020 Puligny-Montrachet 1er les Folatières
Domaine des Héritiers Jadot.
Extra oak in this sample again but it can’t hide an impressive extra width of complexity – that’s a great nose. More subdued energy on the palate but with a super melting style of flavour delivery. Mineral/chalky and also intense and persistent too. This will need time to open up. But great starting material here.

2020 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Clos de la Garenne
Domaine Duc de Magenta
Extra depth and freshness, less width of aroma. Extra everything – where the Folatières was a little compact this is open, pure and fluid – great wine!

2020 Bâtard-Montrachet
Puligny side
Width and a latent intensity – almost density to this nose. Really a wine that fills every space in the mouth – finely complex just a little less structurally defined than the Garenne today. But a great and growing finish – excellent!

2020 Chevalier-Montrachet Demoiselles
Domaine des Héritiers Jadot.
Starting a little tighter but there’s still an inviting width to the aromas here. Incisive, like the Garenne – but with extra. What a wine – intense but shy of painful – always with the right amount of cushion to the intensity. The finishing agrume complexity accented with salinity too.
2020 Corton-Charlemagne
Domaine des Heritiers.
A fuller nose with more open floral and citrus complexity today. Here is density of flavour – but it’s not a dense wine – concentrated, almost chalky, but beautifully balanced. Big wine, really impressive wine – be patient – keep it 10 years, drinking your Demoiselles whilst waiting!! Late arriving phenolic texture too.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. lamoje20th June 2023 at 1:06 amPermalinkReply

    Hi Bill! Still another Jadot/Gagey question… Beaune Grèves RED 2020 from Famille Gagey just hit the shelves here. Habe you seen this wine before? Might be out in left field again, but I think this one might be rare (vs. the same wine in white). Thanks!

  2. lamoje20th June 2023 at 10:50 amPermalinkReply

    Aha! Thank you so much! And at 80$ Canadian (about USD 60, Euro 55, and SWFR 54, the Gagey Grèves red is very reasonably priced. In fact, Jadot seems to be bucking, in part, the trend of driving prices to ridiculous levels. Faiveley, Drouhin and Bichot, if we compare with other negociants, have all put their foot heavily on the pricing accelerator. Fortunately, Jadot is the Burgundy négociant I prefer (for reds)! At 10 years of age+, Jadot’s reds rarely disappoint it seems. As for individual growers, well, a mixed bag, but few have resisted the urge to increase prices at double digit rates each year last 5-6 years. And apparently we haven’t seem nothing yet…

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