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Elodie Roy 2021Tasted in Cheilly-Les-Maranges with Elodie Roy, 13 October 2021.

Domaine Elodie Roy
1B rue du Glacis
71150 Cheilly-Les-Maranges
Tel: +33 6 87 16 27 32
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Elodie on 2021:
We certainly lack volume – more in the whites where we hardly have 30%. Normally I sell a little in bulk but not this year. The wines seem clean, with nice acidity but not a high level of tannin. The market is going well and I might even have a UK importer soon!

Elodie on 2020:
Unlike after the frost of 2019, a good volume. I’m very happy; the quality is great as the grapes hardly needed any triage – harvesting already in August too. I used about 50% whole-clusters but in layers in the tank with the destemmed grapes. Only some remontage for my Hautes-Côtes.

The wines…

Elodie has really managed to bring juiciness to her wines in 2020 – but not to the detriment of either concentration or structure – really well done I think.

The Regionals of both colours use Nomacorc sugar-cane seals. The Maranges red will be bottled with a blend of Nomacorc and DIAM, the Santenay with cork – onwards, there will be a number of tests running…

2020 Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune
3.5 hectares, two lieu-dits mainly around Cheilly-les-Maranges. All manually harvested. Mid-july for the bottling here. Lots of millerandes here. Only stainless-steel for elevage.
Hmm – a silky smooth nose here, round and attractive red fruit. Nicely structured with a good fresh entry. Modestly grained with tannin but there’s no dryness here. Wide and lip-smackingly tasty – a crunchy, juicy, tasty wine. Yum!

2020 Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Alos bottled. North-facing, the other side of the canal from Cheilly, usually a degree less sugar than the last wine in a warm vintage like this. Less wc here, just a little more than 20% – 2-3 days extra cuvaison vs the last with some new barrel elevage.
Hmm, that’s a very attractive nose – more concentrated and with a more silky impression. More direct, much more sophisticated texture, hardly any grain, just an accent of dryness. Wide and juicy in the finish – give this a year, or two, it’s very good!

Following not yet bottled but assembled:

2020 Maranges La Rue des Pierres
Elodie has 3 ha in different Maranges lieu-dits, this is the cuvée of that lieu-dit – ‘I like working with the lieu-dits as I don’t have any 1ers.’ This all destemmed – assembled in tank about 3 weeks. Vines on the hillside. Barrel elevage 30% new.
A silky nose like the last but this is a higher-toned nose. More mouth-filling, slightly more structural – certainly with more tannin but again just a touch of dryness and no grain. This is so mouth-watering and tasty – again a bit of patience will be rewarded. The fruit is a little suggesting cherry stone – lovely!

2020 Maranges Le Goty
New cuvee: Lots of millerandes so there’s wc used here – vines in the plain – just a few more metres and you’re in Santenay. A bit more new oak here. Planning to bottle early in November.
A more perfumed, floral nose with darker fruit. Here is another lovely shape, with more flavour authority – fresh but concentrated, fine energy to this darker fruit. This is a simply excellent wine – practically a great Maranges! – the mouth-feel finishing with a little dryness but no grain to the tannin.

2020 Santenay 1er Les Gravières
Towards the north of gravières toward Clos des Tavannes, very little soil here – 10-15 cm – ‘planted 1952-53, no replacements, so that’s the real age.’ Vines between the windmill and the border with Chassagne. Some wc but not much.
Less colour. More vibrant – I still feel the wc and a little oak – this needs a bit more time for the aromas to become generous. Super direction and depth of flavour. Like the nose a wine that needs time to come together but there is everything that’s needed here. It will be excellent! The finish has great intensity and the tannin is more discreet though present.

Les whites
There are three parcels in the Hautes Côtes and one in Maranges:

2020 Bourgogne Aligoté Vieilles-Vignes
From 1937-38, north-facing, planted by grandfather – ‘yes they really are like trees! also the other side of the cnal on the mountain – lots of clay here
Here’s an almost smoky depth of complexity – super. Super-fresh, really some acidity here – vibrant and a little mineral too. The first sip was almost a shock but this is so juicy – I’m automatically ready for the second glass. Such tasty fun!

2020 Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune Blanc
0.25 ha in 2 parcels – Just 6 barrels, one was new. Crushed and then wait for fermentation to start before moving to barrel.
Wider, almost a sweetness of patisserie. Bright and fresh – again with energy and here a mix of salinity and minerality that balances well the sweetness. Currently, a little creamy oak is visible but not for too long I think. Vibrant and tasty wine.

2020 Maranges En Buliet Blanc
A single parcel in white. Planted in 2003, the youngest vines of the domaine. This will wait in tank until November – since last year marked with lieu-dit En Buliet
Narrower, deeper, also a little rounder fruit. Ooh, that’s super in the mouth – complex, mineral, mouth-watering – practically juicy – despite more concentration. Easily my favourite – simply excellent wine and recommended. Faintly tannic long onto the finish.

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