Arlaud – 2020


Tasted in Morey St.Denis with chef de cave Hamza Saoudi, 14 November 2021. Domaine Arlaud Père et Fils 41 Rue Epernay 21220 Morey St.Denis Tel: +33 3 80 34 32 65 More reports with Domaine Arlaud Hamza on 2021:​ “21 was actually not too bad in the villages vines but we clearly had difficulties…

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There are 2 responses to “Arlaud – 2020”

  1. joostvangelder@hotmail.com20th January 2022 at 8:36 amPermalink

    I was wondering, chez Arlaud , would you say that the profile is very much to the blac=kish spectrum of flavours and not so much to the reddish ? as well were there elevated alcohol levels ? I seem to have heard about this… just wondering vis a vis my allocation of his wines…

    • billn20th January 2022 at 8:54 amPermalink

      Hi Joost
      Cyprien wasn’t at the winery the day of my appointment so I didn’t discuss alcohol levels with him. But in general, the reds of the Côte d’Or have a little more alcohol in 2020 than in 2019 – it was the reverse for the whites.
      What I can say, is that if I had an allocation of the domaine’s wines I’d be keeping them. Except for some ‘black wine’ issues in 2018 – not uncommon – this has been consistently one of the best domaines in Burgundy in the last 5-6 years…
      All my best…

  2. Palexis1st November 2022 at 3:53 pmPermalink

    Hello Bill,

    I know it’s a difficult question to answer but which domaines did you enjoy the most since 3-4 years ? Appart from domaine Arlaud which is fantastic !

    • billn1st November 2022 at 7:34 pmPermalink

      There are, of course, many 😁 But in no particular order (Arlaud included) Arlot, Patrice Rion, d’Angervile, David Croix, Comtesse de Cherisey…

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